Thrifting at Clothes Tree

While my family and I were exploring the foliage in Litchfield, CT, we stopped at a thrift store called Clothes Tree. It was my first time thrifting at that store. The store was very organized. They had a section for plus size clothes, dresses, jackets, and children clothes. They also sold furnitures, books, antique cupsContinue reading “Thrifting at Clothes Tree”

Thrifting at The Urban Jungle

I went thrifting at the Urban Jungle for the first time! It is one of the biggest thrift store I ever been into. All of their clothes are less than 10 dollars! They have a great selection of jeans, graphic tees, dresses and more. The Urban Jungle is owned by L Train Vintage which ownsContinue reading “Thrifting at The Urban Jungle”

Favorite thrift finds 2020

2020 is when I started going to thrift stores. I had no desire to shop at my favorite stores at the mall, especially during a pandemic. I wanted to try out buying second-hand clothing and support sustainable fashion. The world needs to move towards a greener and cleaner future, especially in the fashion industry. IContinue reading “Favorite thrift finds 2020”


A favorite item to buy at thrift stores is the cardigan. Cardigans come in many different styles and colors. Some cute and simple, some with crazy sequins and beadings. You can find pastel purple, turquoise, lime green, or orange. You can style them in so many different ways. I like to buy the ones thatContinue reading “Cardigans”