About Me

Hi I’m Paula and welcome to ThriftwithMomoka! I’m a teenage girl from Connecticut who likes to go on thrifting adventures and have fun thrifting outfits.

Why did I start thrifting?

I started thrifting for three reasons.

  1. I want be wise and save money while shopping for clothes. Before thrifting, I wasn’t wise with my money at all. I would take $ 200 dollars out of my saving account to shop at the mall. I would take that amount of money because the brands I shopped at such as Urban Outfitters, A&F, and Hollister were expensive. Once I realized I was spending too much money on clothes, I stopped going to the mall.
  2. I was inspired by other girls on social media. In Pinterest and Instagram I would see girls wearing really nice thrifted outfits. I really enjoyed watching thrift hauls and thrift vlogs on Youtube. The girls that influence me the most are Ashley aka Best Dressed, Abigail St. John, and Moya Mawhinney. I love watching their thrift hauls and thrift flips. Thrifted outfits always have a very unique style. I really like the vintage look in thrifted outfits.
  3. I want to help the environment – stay green and clean. One thing that led me to thrifting was taking AP Photography. My concentration focused on the effects of pollution on the environment. I captured the affects of pollution in my work. After finishing my portfolio, I felt committed to be sustainable, especially in fashion. When I realized that thrifting is sustainable, it made me happy. It’s sustainable because you are buying second hand clothing and it not causing more production of waste into the environment. Another reason thrifting is good, because it does not contribute fast fashion. I do not like fast fashion because it is unethical. It contributes to climate change and depends on the unethical treatment of factory workers in countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. That is why I stopped shopping at my favorite brands. I definitely want to help this world be a greener place and slow down climate change.

What are my favorite things about thrifting?

I love the organization that you find at the thrift stores. I like how they separate the sizes and organize there clothes by color. It makes the shopping experience easy but it causes me to gravitate towards my favorite color pink. I also like the that there is a variety of clothes and brands that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Another reason I like to thrift is the chance to be creative. I really love doing thrift flips. Thrift flipping is a way I can show my creativity or update the outfit. Is a way I can create my own style through fashion.

The purpose of my blog

The purpose of my blog is to inspire both girls and boys to thrift and think sustainability. I hope my thrifting experiences and fun thrifting ideas can inspire you guys.

10 Facts About Me

  1. I am half Japanese. I was born in a small city called Takamatsu in Kagawa, Japan
  2. Momoka is my Japanese middle name. It means Peach Flower
  3. I play the classical, acoustic, and sometimes the electric guitar
  4. I run sprints in indoor and outdoor track
  5. I have a twin sister. I’m older by 3 minutes
  6. I love to photograph animals, foods, and landscapes
  7. My dream destination is Paris, France
  8. Favorite desserts are donuts, ice creams, and French macarons
  9. Every summer I get to travel to Japan to see my grandmother and eat amazing food 🙂
  10. Favorite anime is Kimi ni Todoke

Let’s Have Fun Thrifting!

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