Favorite Thrift Finds in 2021

2021 was a good year for me and I can’t believe it’s over. I had prom, went to college in person, stayed connected with old friends and made new friends, and going to new thrift stores. I found a lot of good thrift items, which I am very happy about. Here are my 5 favorite thrift finds in 2021.

Thrift Haul


This is the coolest item I found at the L Train Vintage. Also the next two items are from the L Train vintage. I like the details and the buttons on this shirt. I wore this at a Harry Style concert.


This tank top is so cute and it makes me happy when wearing it. I like the flower patterns and it just reminds me of summer.


I really like the pattern on this top. I like that the sleeves puffs a little bit. The cool thing about this shirt and the first shirt is that they are both from Hong Kong.


I wore this sweater a lot during the fall and winter. I like the v-neckline and the red and blue stripes. It’s simple and comfy.


The size of this bag is perfect and it’s so cute. I can pack a lot of stuff in this bag and the material is very durable. I really like the pink checker pattern. I found this at the Clothes Tree which was my first time going there.

Can’t wait to explore new thrift stores and find more cool pieces in 2022. I hope everyone will have an amazing year in 2022.

Published by thriftwithmomoka

Hi I'm Paula and I am a thrifter! Momoka is my Japanese middle name. I like to thrift because I can be creative with fashion and be sustainable. I like going to NYC and playing the guitar.

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