Thrifting at Clothes Tree

While my family and I were exploring the foliage in Litchfield, CT, we stopped at a thrift store called Clothes Tree. It was my first time thrifting at that store. The store was very organized. They had a section for plus size clothes, dresses, jackets, and children clothes. They also sold furnitures, books, antique cups and plates. I found some really cute and comfy clothes to wear in the fall. If your looking for places to thrift in Connecticut, definitely stop at Clothes Trees!

Clothes Tree website:

Thrift Haul

Here are the items I found at Clothes Trees!

Love the color, pattern, and size of this bag! It’s a perfect bag to walk around NYC.

I’ll definitely being wearing this in the springtime. I think it will look cute if I wear a turtleneck underneath. I really like the blue color and the v-neck line.

This L.L. Bean pink cardigan is very comfy! A perfect cardigan to wear in the fall weather

This is my favorite purchase at Clothes Trees. This fleece jacket is super comfy. I’ve been wearing this jacket 24/7.

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Hi I'm Paula and I am a thrifter! Momoka is my Japanese middle name. I like to thrift because I can be creative with fashion and be sustainable. I like going to NYC and playing the guitar.

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