Wearing My Mom’s clothes

My mom was cleaning out her closest and found some clothes that she thinks my sister or I would like. When looking through her clothes, my sister and I found some pretty cute tops. Wearing your mom’s clothes is the best way to be sustainable in fashion and better for the environment. When wearing your mom’s clothes, you are recycling it. There’s no need to shop for new tops in stores, when you can find some pretty cool clothes in your mom’s closet. This is one way you are thrifting clothes. I want to share some of my favorite tops from my mom’s closet.

Thrift Haul

This shirt is my favorite! It’s so comfy and simple. It goes well with any pair of jeans or shorts. My mom got this shirt when she was living in Hawaii. The front of the shirt says Local Motion which is the brand’s name. When I wore this top, my mom said I looked like her.

This is a nice basic GAP top. You can tuck it in the jeans or tie it in a knot. This top is also very comfy and casual.

I wore this cardigan before in my cardigan post, but I really like this cardigan. This cardigan is also from GAP. I like to either tie or tuck the cardigan in my pants.

This is the coolest top my mom had in her closest. She also got this in Hawaii. It has the traditional Japanese drawing and on the shirt there are babies on it.

This top is very cute! In the pictures you can’t really see, but there is tiny pink flowers on it.

this top is very nice to wear in the summer time because its very flowy and light. It’s also cute to wear it in the fall maybe wearing a white turtleneck underneath the shirt. I like wearing this top unbutton, but it looks cute when button too.

Before your mom is about to donate her clothes or sell them in a tag sale, look through her closet. You’ll definitely find some old brands you never heard of or clothes that were very trendy at that time. Let me know in the comments if you found some cute clothes, accessories, or hand bangs from your mom.

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Hi I'm Paula and I am a thrifter! Momoka is my Japanese middle name. I like to thrift because I can be creative with fashion and be sustainable. I like going to NYC and playing the guitar.

2 thoughts on “Wearing My Mom’s clothes

  1. I’ve always loved going through my mom’s closet to wear, especially her jackets! My favorite was this Banana Republic tweed jacket with sequins all around. I love that Local Motion on you! I noticed it right away because of their logo. I also live in Hawaii and see many people wear it!

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