Why You Should Try Sugar Wax

Do you ever get tired of bending down and shaving your legs and then three days later it grows back? Then you’re spending money on shaving cream and razors, which is contributing more plastic into the environment. The best way to remove body and facial hair is sugar wax. When using sugar wax, your body and facial hair grows less, you save money, and you’re not creating excess plastic into the environment. If you want to learn more about my experience with sugar wax, how to make it yourself, and places in CT where you can get sugar wax, then keep reading!

My Experience

I’ve been using sugar wax for two years now and I absolutely love it. I honestly see a difference of my hair growth on my arms and legs. It is easy to make and painless.


  • It takes about 2 to 4 weeks for the hair to grow back, which is nice
  • Every time I wax, hair is growing less and finer.
  • You’re using all natural ingredients.
  • You’re also not creating extra waste. I use empty peanut butter or jellies jars to store my wax and old bed sheets or shirts as cloth strips.


  • It takes time to get the right consistency. The first two tries of making sugar wax, I either burned it or under boiled it. Once you get the hang of it, you will know the right consistency for your wax.
  • It takes patience. When I first started sugar waxing my leg, it was painful. After waxing one leg, I get really lazy or tired to wax the other leg. The first time waxing takes a while depending on your pain tolerance and hair growth. I either listen to music or watch my favorite shows while sugar waxing.

How to Make it

I highly recommended to watch Abetweene’s video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leYYDmDdoD8 She has other videos on sugar wax and they are very helpful.

This is Abetweene’s recipe for sugar wax:

1 cup white, brown, or turbinado sugar

1/4 cup fresh or bottled lemon juice, lime juice, calamansi, or vinegar

1/4 cup water

Make sure to use a candy thermometer because it will help you get the right temperature and consistency of the sugar wax. After you are done, make sure it cools down before you put in a jar or any other container.

How to Apply it

  1. With a butter knife or popsicle stick apply the wax against the hair is growing.
  2. Next, with a cloth strip, put it over the wax and make sure it sticks well to the wax.
  3. Then pull the cloth with the hair it’s growing.

I had wax my arms twice before writing this blog. That is why the hair looks thinner in the picture above. I honesty see a difference in my hair growth and texture.

Places to get Sugar Wax in CT

If you don’t feel like doing sugar wax by yourself, I highly recommend to go to Dear Beauty by Aida in West Hartford, CT. Also Celeste Body Sugaring in Fairfield CT. Both of these places I got a bikini wax and it wasn’t painful at all. I felt very comfortable and relax during my appointments. They both do sugar wax on face and other body parts. Also search up places in your area that offers sugar wax 🙂

Dear Beauty By Aida: https://www.dearbeautyaida.com

Celeste Body Sugaring: http://www.celestebodysugaring.com

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