A favorite item to buy at thrift stores is the cardigan. Cardigans come in many different styles and colors. Some cute and simple, some with crazy sequins and beadings. You can find pastel purple, turquoise, lime green, or orange. You can style them in so many different ways.

I like to buy the ones that are medium or short in length. I like tying cardigans instead of cropping them. You can tie up a cardigan in various ways. I usually don’t button up all buttons on a cardigan. Cardigans can go well in any outfit. It looks good with a dress, skirt, and jeans. You can wear t-shirts, tank tops, and turtle necks underneath the cardigan. Every time I go to a thrift store, I would buy at least one, but sometimes I have to tell myself to stop buying more.

These are some of my favorite cardigans I found at the thrift stores!

I did not find this one at a thrift store. My mom wanted me and my sister to look through her old clothes and this cardigan was in her closet. I like this light color blue and it looks good with the jeans.

Yellow isn’t my favorite color, but I really like this soft yellow color. If the cardigan is long, I would usually tuck it in my jeans or tie it.

like the design on the pink and blue cardigans. In the pink cardigan, it has beaded flowers on it and the blue cardigan has a simple pink stitching

I thrift flipped this red t-shirt! I first cut the neckline to make a V shape. Then I cut it half and hem the edges. I used the extra fabric to make the strings. It was fun thrift flipping this top.

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Hi I'm Paula and I am a thrifter! Momoka is my Japanese middle name. I like to thrift because I can be creative with fashion and be sustainable. I like going to NYC and playing the guitar.

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