I feel like the most essential clothing item you should have in your closet is a pair of jeans and shorts. They go well in any outfit. They look good when you want to dress up or stay casual. I like the various styles of jeans – mom, high rise, ripped, straight, flare, and more.

I own one pair of jeans and shorts. I am very picky when it comes to shopping for jeans. I could never find the right ones for me. It’s annoying when the they don’t fit around your waist or legs. But I was able to find the perfect jeans for me. I have a pair of high rise jeans from Urban Outfitter and a pair of high rise shorts from American Eagle. They are the only two denim clothing I own. I like that they are high rise and not tight fitting. I feel like owning at least one to three pairs of jeans is enough. Minimizing the number of clothes in your closet is sustainable and good for the environment.

When I want my outfit to look good and cute, I pair it with jeans. I like how the jeans make my outfits put together.



I know shopping for jeans can get expensive. The best way to find good quality jeans on a friendly budget is at the thrift stores. Thrift stores jeans have been worn and stretched which makes them more comfortable if you can find your size. I haven’t been able to find a pair of jeans at a thrift store yet. But I hope to find a good pair of vintage Levis.

Published by thriftwithmomoka

Hi I'm Paula and I am a thrifter! Momoka is my Japanese middle name. I like to thrift because I can be creative with fashion and be sustainable. I like going to NYC and playing the guitar.

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