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Wearing My Mom’s clothes

My mom was cleaning out her closest and found some clothes that she thinks my sister or I would like. When looking through her clothes, my sister and I found some pretty cute tops. Wearing your mom’s clothes is the best way to be sustainable in fashion and better for the environment. When wearing yourContinue reading “Wearing My Mom’s clothes”

Why You Should Try Sugar Wax

Do you ever get tired of bending down and shaving your legs and then three days later it grows back? Then you’re spending money on shaving cream and razors, which is contributing more plastic into the environment. The best way to remove body and facial hair is sugar wax. When using sugar wax, your bodyContinue reading “Why You Should Try Sugar Wax”

Favorite thrift finds 2020

2020 is when I started going to thrift stores. I had no desire to shop at my favorite stores at the mall, especially during a pandemic. I wanted to try out buying second-hand clothing and support sustainable fashion. The world needs to move towards a greener and cleaner future, especially in the fashion industry. IContinue reading “Favorite thrift finds 2020”


A favorite item to buy at thrift stores is the cardigan. Cardigans come in many different styles and colors. Some cute and simple, some with crazy sequins and beadings. You can find pastel purple, turquoise, lime green, or orange. You can style them in so many different ways. I like to buy the ones thatContinue reading “Cardigans”


I feel like the most essential clothing item you should have in your closet is a pair of jeans and shorts. They go well in any outfit. They look good when you want to dress up or stay casual. I like the various styles of jeans – mom, high rise, ripped, straight, flare, and more.Continue reading “Denim”


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